made in bologna

The inspiration to 12thMan comes mainly from the heritage of our land.
Emilia Romagna is a region with a long tradition for design and craftmanship and, thanks to the ingenuity of a few creative minds, some of the best cars, motorbikes and fashion garments have been designed and manufactured here over the last decades.
We are very proud of the tradition of our land and we have a real passion for researching its history and unveiling its secrets.
During the years, we have been strongly influenced by local labels that, thanks to the genius and dedication of their creators/designers, became then international phenomena.

the product

12thMan products are the execution of the 12thMan concept. 
Since the beginning, we have focused on high quality, made in Italy garments.
We work hard and with a lot of passion, striving to constantly improve the quality of our products.
We consider 12thMan a learning process, a process that gives us the chance to study and research the world of textiles and treatments. 
We only use natural fabrics and selected materials sourced from the best Italian suppliers, refining them with special finishings and dyeing techniques.
Due to the items not being mass-produced, and for the fact that we use handmade techniques, slight imperfections in manufacturing and look of the garments are possible, these are to be considered valuable characteristics which make every single item unique and different from the other. 
None of our garment is exactly the same as the other. 
We are very happy with the growing attention 12thMan has been receiving and we are currently working on expanding our range with other garments.


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