12thMan at The Globe Arnhem (NL)

Posted in Uncategorized by dodicesimouomo on December 15, 2010

12thMan at The Globe, Arnhem (NL)

we are very glad to announce that, starting from S/S 2011, 12thMan will be available at The Globe in Arnhem. Located in a beautiful 14th century building in the heart of town, The Globe has been one of the most influencial and innovative shops in the Netherlands over the past 30 years.

my Dutch friend Paul describes his years working at The
Globe during his studies :

 “It was great. We sold Boneville, SI and CP from the earliest days. I can
still recall how the shop smelled when those items just came in.
Can you imagine how it was when those colour changing jackets arrived?
The Globe set trends for the whole country. Not only the brands,
but much of what we did in the store, was copied soon after.
We had shoes on a billard in 1988. When we had goldfish, other stores followed.
Classic canoes hanging from the cealing: others followed. A hunting lodge
(mid-nineties) for the store ‘The Highlands’ soon became trendy(there we sold C.P. Company business suits in marvellous checks (prince de galles) and their cool cotton/poplin dress shirts, white and sky blue
in those dark blue carton boxes. Couldn’t afford them, but had the empty boxes at home! And today, almost 30 years later, The Globe still is an important store that stands out because it goes its own way,
selling well-made products form brands with heritage and history, brands that have earned
their name with making good products – and still do what they have been doing life long.”


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