garment dyed (tinto in capo)

Posted in treatments by dodicesimouomo on April 28, 2010

Garment Dyeing is a bit like cooking, you can use the same recepee and the same ingredients but that does not mean you will always get the same result. Infact you are more than likely to get something a bit different everytime you do it. What you can’t beat about garment dyeing is the fact that the look and the feel of your garment is going to be unique somehow. But there are a few issues to consider, your garment will shrink about a size when doing that but you will not be able to control that 100% as factors like number of items being dyed together (for example) will influence the final result. But, if you are looking for a vintage, worn look and feel, garment dyeing is the way to go, and we really love the different shades you get around the seams, for istance. There is simply no other way to get that.


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